MentoraSTEAM is a three-year project funded by the European Programme Erasmus+.
It aims to enhance highly skilled migrant and second-generation women’s
employability in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM).

MentoraSTEAM is led by Inova Consultancy, providing consultancy services in career development; INCOMA, a training agency specialises in the management of employment and entrepreneurial skills; Vaasa University of Applied Sciences, are successful in developing women’s skills in sciences and, MEET Digital Culture Center, provide expertise in digital and online learning.

The project started with a qualitative analysis of migrant and second-generation women’s needs in the STEAM sector around Europe. These findings will be included in the MentoraSTEAM Policy Framework Guide, which will support development of the project’s Employability Booster training programme.

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Inova successfully held a focus group in December 2020: female migrants in the UK from a diverse range of countries all joined to share their thoughts. Have a look at some of the most pressing issues that they discussed.


INCOMA is in charge of proposing a Policy Framework Guide. The guide will present a methodology on how the beneficiaries can maximise their career opportunities by nurturing their employability skills.


VAMK will lead in designing and delivery of the Employability Booster Training Programme: a process to encourage women to meet their full potential in their profession and fully embrace their ambitions.


MEET has designed the project branding (logo, visual elements) and contributes to the MentoraSTEAM communication channels on LinkedIn, Facebook and website.


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