Through a tailor-made training and mentoring programme for these women, the project aims to enhance their professional development to access and thrive in STEAM careers. It also aims to improve understanding of the needs of migrant women with a STEAM background, in particular by policy makers, employment agencies, unions and relevant organisations.


The aim of MentoraSTEAM is to empower and train migrant and second-generation women with a STEAM background in order to boost their employability. Its aim is also to improve policy makers’, employment agencies’, unions’ and organisations’ understanding of the beneficiaries needs and expectations. MentoraSTEAM contributes to spotlight the inequalities and challenges highly educated women with migrant origins experience when they access the labour market.


MentoraSTEAM will implement a wide range of actions to raise awareness of the challenges highly skilled migrant and second-generation women face.
The project started with a qualitative analysis of migrant and second-generation women’s needs in the STEAM sector around Europe. These findings are included in the MentoraSTEAM Policy Framework Guide, which will support development of the project’s Employability Booster training programme.