In the last few months, the MentoraSTEAM project team has reached 10,000 stakeholders through the sharing of the Policy Framework Guide for Policymakers, Support Organisations and Stakeholders, and developed a comprehensive 4-module Employability Booster Training Package. Read the full report and training package at:

Policy Framework Guide for Policymakers, Support Organisations and Stakeholders

  • The Policy Framework Guide has been available via the project website in English, Finnish, Italian and Spanish for a few months now and reaching more than 10,000 stakeholders online which is a big achievement for the MentoraSTEAM project team.

Employability Booster Training Programme 

  • The development of the Employability Booster Training Programme for highly skilled migrant women revolved around issues of increasing confidence, facilitating networking, reflecting on one’s soft skills and exploring entrepreneurship. The MentoraSTEAM project team developed tailored material for facilitators and learners alike, including a Faciliators’ Guide, a Learner’s Pack, PowerPoint module presentations, activity worksheets and session evaluation forms among others.

MentoraSTEAM Modules

Module 1 called “Confidence Building and Self-efficacy focuses on the importance of being confident for everyday, personal and professional life. The module allows learners to assess their levels of confidence and self-efficacy along with participating in activities that will help develop these traits further.

Module 2 focused on personal branding and how the learners can use current themes in the labour market to build the confidence and competence to present themselves effectively in digital and professional environments. The module titled Innovation in Personal Branding and Networkingprovides opportunities for learners to reflect and create their own personal brand.

Module 3 focused on the adaptation of one’s skills to the host country and its working culture and thus the module is called “Adaptation of one’s skills to the working culture of the host country”. The adaptation process will support the learners to reflect on their own competencies in regards to the host country’s working culture, whilst the module’s activities will support their employability and commercial awareness in  regards to the host country.

Module 4 titled Exploring the benefits of entrepreneurship and self-employment explores new ways of self-invention in the labour sector. The module aims to provide a clear account about the pros and cons of entrepreneurship and self-employment whilst exploring what are the relevant soft skills learners should have/develop in order to be successful in any entrepreneurial ventures.


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