From September 2020 to August 2023, MentoraSTEAM deploys various actions to raise awareness of highly skilled migrant women and stakeholders on the challenges highly skilled migrant women in STEAM have faced by developing the MentoraSTEAM Policy Framework Guide. The guide focuses on the collection of best practices, initiatives, projects and organisations towards migrant women with a STEAM background, and further include the perspective of the women themselves by organising focus group. The Guide also tailors the Employability Booster Training Programme to the needs of highly skilled migrant women with a STEAM background.
MentoraSTEAM Employability Booster Training Programme aims to strengthen the self-efficacy, self-belief, confidence, and hence the employability of highly skilled migrant women in STEAM. The training programme encourages women to explore the steps needed for their success and help them recognise the steps necessary for their ambitions and value their life skills while adapting to a new host country.

Download here the training materials:

Module 1 – Confidence Building and Self Efficacy
Module 2 –  Innovation in Personal Branding and Networking
Module 3 – Adaptation of One’s Own Skills to the Working Culture of the Host Country
Module 4 – Exploring the Benefits of Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment