On the 18th of October of 2021, INCOMA hosted the First MentoraSTEAM Multiplier Event. This insightful Event had the objective to disseminate the first output of the project (IO1), to celebrate the achievements of the efforts of the project partners and to showcase and discuss the findings. Next, there was a presentation of the completed IO1 and a presentation of some of the case studies and initiatives analysed for IO1. Additionally, there was a discussion among the participants of the event, and they had the opportunity to ask.


The Multiplier Event was evaluated in a positive way by the participants. They were satisfied with the overall organisation of the event, particularly with the content and the facilitator. Participants highlighted the interesting topics and accounts as well as the possibility to work in a group and share their ideas as the best part of the event.questions. Lastly, participants were informed on how to be involved in IO2 of the project.