INCOMA is in charge of the IO1, that aims to propose a Policy Framework Guide. This Guide will provide invaluable support to design a comprehensive training program for the main beneficiaries of the project. The Guide will present a methodology on how highly skilled migrant women can maximise their career opportunities by nurturing their employability skills and becoming more self-aware of their strengths.
Among others the Guide will include the following: Collection of case studies to show policymakers and stakeholders the challenges highly skilled migrant women face. Initiatives (national and EU-level) available to support migrant women in STEAM. Focus groups with migrant women in STEAM (5-8 participants per organisation) to define final modules for IO2. Recommendations and Conclusions including a collation of useful OERs and MOOCs.
We are already on track, our next step is to integrate these initiatives, focus groups and case studies from each country in the Guide.

You can read the guide here