The second part of the MentoraSTEAM project focused on the development of the MentoraSTEAM Employability Booster Training Programme, which aimed to strengthen the self-efficacy, self-belief, confidence, and hence the employability of highly skilled migrant women in STEAM. The program encouraged women to explore the steps needed for their success, recognize the steps necessary for their ambitions, and value their life skills while adapting to a new host country. The training program was vastly informed by the Policy Framework Guide developed earlier.

INCOMA has been responsible for the training provided by Spain for these women, with a success that reflects the previous work carried out and the quality of the content and methodology implemented. A total of 17 women have received this intensive two-day training, where 4 modules divided by topics have been addressed.

  • The first module ”Confidence Building and Self Efficacy”, focused on the importance of being confident in everyday personal and work life. Confidence impacts on life choices and happiness. During this module, the women assessed their current self-confidence and self-efficacy. 
  • The second module ”Innovation in personal Branding and Networking” helped them to better understand their own unique qualities to thoughtfully and intentionally craft their image. 
  • The third module ”Adaptation of one’s own skills to the working culture of the host country”, supported them to enhance their feelings of inclusion in their host country, efficiently showcase their abilities in job searches and at work. 
  • The last but not least module ”Exploring the benefits of entrepreneurship and self-employment”, focussed on exploring new ways of self-invention in the labour market. Reinventing oneself is necessary to continue growing.